🤔 Predict upcoming LEC games

With LEC starting in less than a week, Pletos will allow you to predict every LEC game, from regular season to playoffs.

Select the team that you think will win, and earn 50 points if you're right !

🏆 Become the best analyst

LEC has great analysts, but here is your opportunity to show the world that you are the best one ! Compete with other Pletos users while we are working on allowing you to play with your friends.

👀 Save your eyes

And because we know that most of the matches are happening in the evening, we decided to add a dark mode so you can save those beautiful eyes you have !

We hope that you will enjoy your journey with us. You can follow us on social media (link at the top of the page) to get informations on the upcoming updates !
You can download Pletos now on the App Store or on Google Play.