Back in 2018-2019, we were a group of IT students who were searching for an end-of-study project and stumbled upon the idea of creating a matchmaking service for League of Legends players called QueueUp. To further attract users, we introduced "QueueUp Predictions," a browser app that allowed players to predict and challenge their friends in LoL Esports games.

Although QueueUp Predictions received okay success, user retention was a challenge as users often forgot to make their predictions on time. To improve the user experience, we decided to create a mobile-only app, Pletos, that would keep predictions at users' fingertips with push notifications reminding them of incoming matches.

Over the years, the team worked hard to add new features to Pletos, including support for most professional LoL Esports leagues and community features allowing users to form groups with friends or communities and compete on a weekly basis.

However, the app faced two challenges that we were unable to overcome: finances and the model of offering an ad-free, paywall-free service. Pletos cost the team around 35€ per month and relied on support from Tipeee, in-app subscriptions, and mostly our own pockets. We aimed to target larger communities with more than 10 users, but failed to attract enough paying users to reach financial neutrality.

After 4 years, we have moved on from LoL Esports and no longer have the desire to spend time maintaining Pletos. Therefore, we are announcing its closure by March 2023.

We would like to express our gratitude for the support and feedback received during the journey of Pletos. For those seeking another predictions app, we strongly recommend Strafe, a source of inspiration for our work. If you just want to hang out or join other people from the community, the Discord server is still and will remain available.