Lira leaves Dignitas

Worlds 2019 Group Stage Day 7

Nam Lira Tae-yoo joined the LCS in 2017. He played for Team EnVyUs before joining Clutch Gaming (now named Dignitas) in 2018.

He helped his team qualify for Worlds Play-Ins before being knocked out of groups.

Bang joins Evil Geniuses

LCS Summer 2019 Week 9

The Korean 2-times World Champion decided to leave 100 Thieves to join the new LCS team Evil Geniuses.

Soaz joins Immortals

2019 Worlds Play-In Day 4

The French veteran top laner returns to the professional scene before an unfortunate experience at Misfits Gaming. He decides to join forces with Immortals with whom he will try to conquer LCS, as he has done for a few years in Europe with Fnatic.

Sources: Immortals finalizing deals with soaz, Altec and Hakuho
Immortals are in the process of finalizing deals with top laner Paul “soaz” Boyer, AD carry Johnny “Altec” Ru and support Nickolas “Hakuho” Surgent to add to their lineup for the 2020 League of Legends Championship Series season, league sources told ESPN.

Altec joins Immortals

2018 NA LCS Summer Split Week 5 Day 1

After a year outside of the rift, the Canadian AD Carry makes his return in the LCS with Immortals.

Hakuho joins Immortals

LCS Summer 2019 Week 5

After a year playing for Echo Fox, and 3 years alongside Apollo, Hakuho leaves his former AD Carry to join Altec at Immortals.

Dardoch joins Team Solo Mid

LCS Spring 2019 Week 2

Dardoch is one of the few players that has played for most of NA top teams. The 21 year-old jungler started playing professionally in 2014 and joined Team Liquid in 2016, before playing for teams like Immortals, Counter Logic Gaming, Echo Fox and Optic Gaming.

He now starts a new story with TSM where he will play alongside Bjergsen and Kobbe.

PowerOfEvil joins FlyQuest

LCS Summer 2019 Week 5

From EUW to NA, PoE joined a lot of different teams during his career. He joined NA playing for Optic Gaming before going to Counter Logic Gaming, which he now leaves in favour of FlyQuest.

Ignar joins FlyQuest

LEC Summer 2019 Week 5

After a successful year at FC Schalke 04, despite not qualifying for Worlds, IgNar joins his former Misfits teammate PowerOfEvil at FlyQuest.

Cody Sun returns to 100 Thieves

Worlds 2019 Group Stage Day 7

A few weeks after the end of his Worlds run, Cody Sun is set to rejoin his former team 100 Thieves. The Canadian rejoins the team that left him on the bench for their whole 2018 Worlds run.

Sources: Cody Sun to 100 Thieves, Stunt promoted over Aphromoo
Cody Sun is set to make his return back to 100 Thieves.

Eika joins Immortals

The French mid laner joins Immortals after 3 successful years alongside YellowStar at Team LDLC in the LFL. He will be joining Xmithie, Altec, Hakuho and Soaz.

Amazing announces he will not play this season

LCS Summer 2019 Week 5

After 6 years at the top of the League of Legends professional scene, Maurice Amazing Stückenschneider leaves 100 Thieves and tweeted that he will not compete in 2020.

Aphromoo leaves 100 Thieves

LCS Summer 2019 Week 5

100 Thieves announced this week that Aphromoo won't be playing for them anymore. We still have no information about his future.

Kobbe joins Team Solo Mid

LEC Regional Qualifier 2019

The former Splyce AD Carry will replace Zven as TSM AD carry for the 2020 season.

This transfer follows a few successful years playing for Splyce. He has been known for being one of the most consistent carries in Europe.