As the 2019 off-season starts, some LEC teams and players announced some surprising news. Let's get into it !

Vizicsacsi is retiring

Worlds 2019 Quarterfinals Day 2

After five years playing for EU LCS/LEC teams as a top laner, Tamás Vizicsacsi Kiss announced his retirement as a pro player.

Vizicsacsi joined the Unicorns of Love in January 2014 and helped them qualify for EU LCS. He played for UOL until November 2017 when he decided to go to FC Schalke 04. He then played for Splyce from December 2018, succeeded in qualifying for Worlds and was eliminated in quarterfinals against SK Telecom T1.

Entire statement:

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Maxlore leaves Misfits Gaming

LEC Spring 2019 Week 9

After the failure of the Misfits super-team, Nubar Maxlore Sarafian leaves Misfits Gaming.

The British jungle has played for more than 3 years on the European scene with Giants, Roccat and Misfits.

We still don't know which team will pick him up.

Hans Sama joins Rogue

From Challenger Series to almost taking down SK Telecom T1 at Worlds, Steven Hans Sama Liv was a huge part of Misfits starts into the professional scene.

With 4 members leaving Misfits, Febiven is the only remaining member of the Misfits 2019 original team.

He will now join forces with Vander, who just re-signed for another two years with Rogue.

Jesiz leaves Misfits Gaming

LEC Summer 2019 Week 7

The former Fnatic support Jesse Jesiz Le announced his free agency through Twitter.

Jesiz spent most of the last two years coaching for Misfits Gaming at first, and then its academy team: Misfits Premier. He managed to help the LFL team qualify for both Spring and Summer 2019 LFL finals and won the Spring 2019 EU Masters.

Upset joins Origen

LEC Regional Qualifier 2019

Elias Upset Lipp was FC Schalke 04's AD Carry for the last 3 years. He has been a huge part of Schalke 04's success: he helper the team reach EU LCS in 2017 and qualify for regional gauntlets for the last two years, but were unable to reach the main stage of the Worlds Championship.

He will still play with a blue shirt as Origen announced his pickup earlier today.

Xerxe joins Origen

Worlds 2019 Quarterfinals Day 2

Another good pickup for the Spanish team. They announced that Xerxe will as well join them for the next season.

After qualifying for Worlds and reaching quarterfinals, Xerxe ended his 2019 season under Splyce's colors with an overall positive feeling about his year.

Destiny joins Origen

2019 Worlds Play-In Day 1

Very well-known on the OCE server, former Mammoth's support Mitchell Destiny Shaw will join forces with Origen.

He succeeded in qualifying for Worlds play-ins this year, but was unable to reach the main stage.

YoungBuck joins Excel

Worlds 2019 Quarterfinals Day 1

After being eliminated in quarterfinals by FunPlus Phoenix (Worlds 2019 champions), the six-star general leaves Fnatic to coach for Excel Esports.

YoungBuck joined the League of Legends Esports scene by playing as a top laner for many teams, the most famous one being Copenhagen Wolves with which he succeeded in qualifying for EU LCS.
He then started coaching. His breakthrough was made at G2 Esports with which he succeeded to win four EU LCS titles and then joined Fnatic to win two more.
He succeeded in qualifying his team four times in a row to the Worlds Championship, his biggest achievement being reaching the finals in 2018 against Invictus Gaming.

YoungBuck talked about his choice in this interview for RedBull:

YoungBuck ahead of LEC Spring Split: Why I left Fnatic and joined Excel
The former Fnatic coach opens up about why he left the European giants and opted for the LEC’s underdogs.

FORG1VEN joins FC Schalke 04

After being forced out of the Summoner's Rift for mandatory military service, Konstantinos-Napoleon FORG1VEN Tzortziou joins Schalke 04 as an AD Carry to make his comeback onto the professional League of Legends scene.

Broxah leaves Fnatic

Worlds 2019 Group Stage Day 7

After reaching Worlds three times in a row and even qualifying for Finals, Mads Broxah Brock-Pedersen made it clear that he is one of the world's best junglers.

The Danish jungler is joining Team Liquid to replace Xmithie.

Thanks Mr. Broxah