It's time for us to have our first impressions about this off-season and its first results.

Before the start of the week-end, Riot Games announced that the Spring Split and Summer Split finals will take place in Budapest (Hungary) and Malmö (Sweden).

Furthermore, the official Twitch LEC broadcast has moved to

G2 Esports still at the top

Even with the mid-ADC roleswap, G2 Esports proved that their place was still at the top, even with shaky early games.

Origen starting strong

Deficio confirmed Ender's suspicions by going 2-0 this week-end and beating both Fnatic (in the match of the week) and FC Schalke 04.

What about Pletos ?

Our analysts have scored a total of 22500 points this week-end with an accuracy of almost 70%. Great work !

If you still didn't, you can download Pletos at